Empowering women exactly as they are

The boudoir experience

The goal of your boudoir session is to bring out your inner beauty, make you feel empowered, and have you leave your session feeling like your most confident self: ready to take on the world! Your boudoir session is tailored directly to you, what you want to wear, and the vibe you want to portray in your images. 100% customized.

The SBP Boudoir Experience is the ultimate experience for any woman who wants to celebrate themselves and have beautiful, tasteful, and sexy images taken exactly as they are right now. SBP believes you are perfect as you are! A Boudoir Session is the perfect self-love gift, or it can be a fun gift for someone special!

the boudoir experience

empowering women

beauty exactly as you are

Your experience is tailored to you, your vision, and what you're most comfortable with, and no, you don't have to wear lingerie! I want every woman to feel as beautiful as they truly are, inside and out. You'll receive a questionnaire, we'll chat about outfits, and I'll help you with posing!

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the Boudoir experience

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throughout the shoot she was encouraging and built me up, which shows in the Photos. i would recommend to anyone who is feeling nervous or shy about having boudoir photos taken but wants to make the leap to book with stephanie!"

When I saw the final pictures I was over the moon! They were all so beautiful and completely tasteful.

"When I first got to the boudoir shoot i was so nervous! stephanie quickly made everything so comfortable. she showed me around her studio, went through outfit options together, and she helped me choose the best ones for me. 

the boudoir process


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You might be super nervous to book a boudoir session, or you might be a pro already! Regardless of your experience, I love speaking with my clients to learn about what they're looking for with their session. Are you looking for a self-love celebration session? Is this a bridal boudoir session as a fun gift for your fiancé? Let's chat - I'd love to hear more!

book your session

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You go girl! Let's do this. Once we've made the decision to move forward, the booking process is easy! I'll send you your booking proposal, and once your session is officially reserved, I'll send over your questionnaire and planning guide. I love serving as a resource for outfit help, hair and makeup recommendations, and more. We'll chat prior to your session so I can answer any questions you have and help you with any outfit choices you may need.

session day is here!

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It's time for your fun shoot! You'll arrive to the SBP studio and begin with professional hair and makeup if you've added it onto your session. We'll have fun music playing, you'll relax and get pampered, and I'll help you every step of the way. By the time you leave your session, you'll feel empowered and will want to do it all over again and again!

photo delivery day!

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They're here!! It's time for you to see your beautiful images and your stunning self on the big screen. You have the choice of coming back to the SBP studio for a viewing party (my personal favorite!) or meeting up online to see your amazing images. I will help you choose which products and albums you'd like to purchase. You will then have a collection of stunning photos that make you feel amazing whenever you look at them!

Frequently Asked

what is boudoir?

Boudoir photography is an art that brings out the inner beauty, confidence, and self-love of amazing women. These sessions are meant to be empowering and will leave you feeling your most confident self. Boudoir sessions do not need to include lingerie, and you can wear as much clothing as you like! The session is all about celebrating you. A simple t-shirt or sweater can go a long way!

what if i have no idea what i'm doing!?

You are not alone! 90% of the women who come into my studio have never been photographed before, let alone done a boudoir session! Posing you is my job, and I will help you feel comfortable every step of the way! Being nervous is totally normal, but you've got this.

can you help me figure out what to wear?

Yes! We will have a consultation and planning call prior to your session to talk about all of the details and any questions you have. We can go through all of your outfit options, and I can help you choose what to wear for the type of session and vibe you're going for. You can wear whatever makes you feel beautiful!

where does the session take place?

All of my boudoir sessions take place in the exclusive SBP studio located in Norwood, MA. This is also where you'll have your hair and makeup done prior to your session and your in person viewing party if you choose to add these onto your experience!

is hair and makeup included?

You can absolutely add on hair & makeup services, and in fact, I strongly suggest it! If you're going to do a boudoir session, you might as well go all out and get fully pampered so you are feeling your best. Hair & makeup takes place in the SBP studio and is available with some of the best artists in the industry.

are my photos private?

I completely understand and value your privacy 100%. The most important thing to me is that you feel comfortable with your session and the privacy of your photos. You will have the option to select a model release that suits your desires: I can share your photos if you like, but I can also keep them 100% private! All galleries are also password protected!

what is your photography style?

My boudoir photography style is light, bright, airy, and elegant. My style of photography can be suited for self-love sessions, bridal boudoir sessions, or significant other gifts. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your photos will be timeless and classic for years to come.

will you photoshop my images?

The goal of your boudoir session is to celebrate yourself as you are. Because of this, the session editing is typically limited to removing temporary issues such as blemishes, scrapes, and bruises. If you have a specific concern, we can chat about it during our call! 

what products do you offer?

Products are my absolute favorite part! Seeing your images in print is a completely different experience than just seeing them digitally. Our luxury albums are our most popular products by far, and you can also purchase print boxes, canvases, and wall art! I have plenty of samples you can view at your session so you can get a feel for what you'd like to order.

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SBP Boudoir Collections have been designed to ensure you are captured with the utmost beauty, attention to detail, and elegance that allows you to feel like your true beautiful self.  A wide range of collections and product options are available. Click below to inquire for a full investment guide!

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Stephanie Berenson Photography photographs boudoir photography Boston located in Boston, MA and serves the greater Boston area, Walpole, Foxborough, and surrounding areas. Stephanie photographs classic, timeless, and elegant boudoir sessions for bridal sessions and self-love sessions in her natural light and airy studio. Stephanie Berenson Photography is also a wedding photographer, and clients can expect a full boudoir experience when working with her.