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Surprise Boston Bakery Proposal | Greg + Bekah


Surprise Boston Bakery Proposal

I love photographing surprise proposals! Greg + Bekah’s Surprise Boston Bakery Proposal is easily one of my top favorites! Huge shout out to Greg who planned such a clever, unique, and memorable proposal! Greg reached out to me about a month before he was planning on proposing to Bekah in Boston. Bekah LOVES Broma Bakery! Greg did a little research and found out that the owner has a studio in South Boston. Knowing how much Bekah loved the bakery, he creatively made up this entire scheme that Bekah and him had won a contest. As the contest “winners,” they were invited to Broma to make their famous “cookie recipe.” Greg doctored up various lines of the recipe to hide the words “Will You Marry Me?”

Surprise Boston Bakery Proposal

When they arrived, I told them I worked there to keep cover, and that I was there to photograph them for “content” while they baked. It was nice to be able to photograph them without hiding and trying to remain unseen like in most surprise proposals! Ha! I photographed Greg and Bekah as they started to bake. Once the dough was chilling in the refrigerator, they had a riddle to solve.

Bekah had to find the words in the instructions and write them down. As soon as she got the word “Marry,” Greg dropped down (super fast!!) to one knee and proposed! Bekah was SO surprised in the best way possible!  Greg did such a good job setting the whole thing up. It was so incredibly thoughtful and creative on his part. I love how much effort he put in to make it special for Bekah. What a great story they will have to share with others for years to come! 

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